A350 Auto leveling issue?

The nozzle should be in the center of the bed but it isn‘t. How can i fix this?

I’m guessing you’re asking a different question, but I don’t really know what it is.

I take it an answer of “use the controls to move the nozzle” is not what you’re looking for?

Sorry my first time using it. But i thougt that the notzle should be right in the middle when the bed finished the calibration

It’s a bit more clever than you’re giving it credit for actually.

Since the nozzle WILL be in the center in the future when you print, it actually positions the sensor over the middle to take the measurement.

If you look at the side where there’s the small red light when the nozzle is near the bed, that’s where it measures bed height.

It may not line up perfectly with the bed middle, but it’s pretty close (should be at least). But the more important part is it’s offset by the location of the sensor when it takes the measurements.

If it’s WAY off the middle, might be an assembly problem. There seem to be some common issues, like the linear modules for the bed getting shifted by 1 screw hole during assembly.

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Ok i will check it out but it should be assambled right but thank you for your help