A250 3D print head calibration fails/laser autofocus fails

I recently moved and put my A250 and enclosure together in the new house. The A250 was moved intact and I really just had to reassemble the enclosure.

I power on with 3D print module installed. I attach to WIFI and perform frimware updates no problem. I use the touch screen to do the calibration and it fails. Sensor probe LED not lighting. Following the guide I am told to contact support which I do, I get a new sensor probe. I figure out how to replace sensor prob and do so. Try calibration with the 3D print head and it fails with the new probe LED not lighting.

I change the laser module and to do the initial focus procedure after inputing the width of the matrial and setting the height the autofocus fails with camera error.

I have a ticket open with support. (How I received the new sensor probe.)

Any help much appreciated.

This might be your problem, depending on which firmware version you actually installed. They shot out the new 1.15 a bit too hastily, it has several bugs. Either revert to 1.14.3, or try now again to update - I yesterday installed 1.15.15 and it seems to work well enough - but admittedly I yet only worked with the dual extrusion head.

Thanks for the suggestion. The laser module worked with version 1.14.3. I tried the 3D printing module and no change, Does not work. I am updating my ticket with them.