Filament runout recovery fix status

what is the current procedure for stopping the repeated filament runout recovery errors…

i assume its hardware

They have a guide on the website for exactly this!

wonderful !

just what I neded

Well… at first glance it seemed great…

but what should M119 show before and after?

Im not sure what and when the endstop states should be.

Then there’s the question of warranty…

and does a loose switch explain why for days it works fine??

Its seems more like a cryptic crossword than a technical guide

Please post the output of m119, ist not easy to help without more infos.

will do…

Im hoping the print will finish tonight and get back to you at the latest on monday



ive tried to follow the instructions as I understand them.

  1. connect to serial port com 3
  2. press play on luban
  3. shake the filament to see if runout message on touchscreen (none)
  4. press pause button on luban
  5. enter command M119 on commnd line
  6. windows screen print showing triggered state

Here is the finished print with many runouts and severe warping. pics show front and back with dark lines indicating runout cooling?

Other than that the quality seems not to bad !

ps prints are vertical

Hello. I recently had two 3D modules report filament runout errors that could not be fixed but reloading. (I have several snapmaker machines). Obviously the sensors were problematic. Therefore I read the information in the forum and in the Snapmaker guide. I was able to repair the sensor on one by slightly and carefully bending the spring guide but when i examined the other sensor it was obviously broken and could not be adjusted or repaired. After undoing the two metal screws I removed the black plastic housing and brass connection and reinstalled the sensor without them and without further modification. The sensor on the first module works fine (but for how long I don’t know). The second module also works fine but obviously does not report filament runout (as the sensor has been modified). To me this is a better solution than trying to make software fixes as others propose - I just have to be careful not to run large jobs with small amount of filament when using this particular module.