A question of filament?!

After some acceptable result with the enclosed filament (did an extruder calibration matching by 0.03 mm) except a massive stringing I changed the filament. After some attempts I got good results with Kaisertech blue. Today I switched to Kaisertech black and could not get that stick to buildplate. Spent several hours with changing nozzle- and bed temperature. Nothing worked. Then I changed to colorFABB PLA. Same result. Whether what I tried, nothing worked.

Getting back to the Snapmaker filament turned out to be working again…

— Is it necessary/useful to recalibrate extrusion for every new filament?

— What PLA brand is working reliable with the Snapmaker 2.0, and at which temperature for bed and extruder?

No you should only need to calibrate extrusion once (or once per 3d printer head you use) the “flow” setting in the slicer can be used to adjust it by small amounts to compensate for hotend/nozel wear. I have had good luck with most of the filament brands I have used (hatchbox, soluteck, Amazon basics, other cheap brands) but bed adhesion is a regular issue with most 3d printers and generally has to do with z offset and build surface (leveling/material) there are things you can do to get your prints to stick better. Such as glue sticks, hair spray or painters tape. Let me know if you want more guidance and I can help you troubleshoot that issue.