Thanks and Happy New Year

Hi All

As we see out 2018, I would like to thank everyone at Snapmaker for making it an exciting year. As a complete newbie to the world of 3D printing, laser etching and CNC engraving you have added a new skill and interest to my life, that will now be with me forever.

To all the members of the Snapmaker User Groups and Community Forum I also thank you, your tolerance and support to assist newbies has been excellent and it makes the sharing of learning and knowledge so much fun.

May all of you have a fantastic 2019 and I am so looking forward to the Snapmaker 2 hahahaha maybe we should set the standard and call it Snapmaker 2019, that way we can have a new model every year into the future… I look forward to the Snapmaker 2030 model…can you imagine what that will do?

Keep having fun