3rd fail, need tips

I have an A350, I am trying to 3rd print a model which I’ll attach. The first fail I encountered, I consider my own fault, I was home the week while it was printing and I was turning the printer off at night(its a very loud machine), part of the print didn’t seem to bond correctly and the layers became non-aligned. So I scrapped the print and decided to let the printer run. The second fail the print head snagged part of the print and pulled it off the print bed, clearly ruined the print. The 3rd print I came to check out tips on the forum here and walked away with some good ideas. I changed slicing to the ultimaker cura, enabled ironing and switched to a raft bed. Everything has been running great, the print is clearly a higher quality now and the model is much more secure on the bed… and now not 5 minutes ago, the printer crashed. I got a message the fabscreen had stopped working and when the device rebooted I am not presented with an option to return to printing. So my questions are:

  1. Can this print be saved
  2. Is the model I am trying to print beyond the A350 ability?
  3. Do you have any suggestions for successfully printing this model?


P.S It seems I’m too new to post attachments so the link is from my google drive.

gcode file

There are known issues playing large files, such as this, from the touchscreen. I think I remember hearing a recommendation not to exceed 100MB.

Personally, I would be playing this using the Simplify3D machine control interface via USB, which has proven very stable. There probably are other options, but I don’t know any free ones off the top of my head.

Discussion on some of your questions:

Technically, yes. There’s a couple write ups. It’s not trivial. Requires manually editing a copy of the gcode file so the machine starts in the right place with the right state. Here’s one I did: Air Print Recovery - A Success Story

Yes, don’t see any reason it couldn’t. However, it’s very very difficult to print on any printer. This would probably be easiest with 2 extruders and PVA supports that are dissolvable.

You might have better luck with tree supports. It looks like your infill density is no more than 5%, try bumping that up to 30%. Will help ensure surfaces are flat.

I’d probably start by slicing only a few parts at first, like just the top gun and printing that. Make sure that’s printable. Then the side nozzles, make sure that prints.


Awesome, ttvm! Do you think it matters what orientation this model is printed in? Vertical vs horizontal?

I assume the second extruder would be for PVA?

Do you think the 150USD price tag of Simplify3D is justified over using Cura? The differences between Luban and Cura are astronomical, is this a similar improvement?

I’m not sure, I think the hardest to print things like the horizontal nozzles and gun at top would be issues in every orientation.

Another trick some people use is split the model into smaller chunks and then assemble with glue. Like, take the gun off the top, take the front of, take the wings and engines off, and split the fuselage in half lengthwise. Print each individually in whatever orientation is best for each. Then glue, use filler, and sand to smooth and then paint.

Yes, will be really cool when the dual extruder module is released.

No, lol. But, smoke 'em if you got 'em, and it does have a nice gcode playback and machine control interface. I think there’s many other options out there but I’m not familiar with them. Maybe there’s even a way within Cura to directly send the file over USB.

No, and it hasn’t been updated in a long long time so Cura is actually better in most ways now.

That being said, I still primary use it. It’s a good slicer. But I’ve had it for years and years.

I’ve heard of some users that are slicing in Cura, then loading the gcode in Luban to print via USB.

The Snapmaker plugin for Cura says it enables USB printing in Cura. I haven’t tried it though.

I believe razor’s plugin sends it to the touchscreen via wifi. USB printing does not look like it requires a plugin.

Luban is an option, though there are reports of stability issues with earlier versions.

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@clewis @brent113 the plug-in to send it over WiFi in cura is called ‘CuraSnapmakerSender’ and made life easier by being able to do it in cura.

There’s also another one called Snapmaker2Plugin that I think also does it but it’s in Chinese so I have no idea what it says lol.

Are you serious? Does USB Printing requires plugins or drivers?

Are you sure? does USB printing requires any plugin or driver?

Nothing special is needed to print over usb if you import the stl into Luban, or slice using Luban. I imagine there are things like plug-ins required to do anything directly from other slicers.