3D Prints Not Working

Until two weeks ago, I was able to 3D print just fine. Now, when I try to print any files sliced using Luban 4.1.2, the printhead just stays in the back right corner of the build plate and extrudes filament. This only happens with files that have been sliced within the last two weeks. I have another file that was created back in November and it prints just fine. I have two Original Snapmakers and both are having this same issue. This leads me to think it is a software issue but I am not sure how to correct it.

Can anyone tell me what is happening?

Would you please post the gcode file? Since you’re new to the forum you’ll have to upload to google drive and share the link, or similar.

Here is a link to the gcode file.

There’s a header reference to G10 and G11, which these machines don’t support, I’m wondering if it’s hanging on that.

This file has those 2 lines removed, is this any different?
Bandstra-NoG10orG11.zip (303.4 KB)

That sets the print nozzle and the build plate temperatures to 0 so nothing prints.

Does it set it to 0? I actually don’t see any temp commands in here:

Seems like it would just stay at whatever temp you have set.

Not sure if this is your issue but mine stopped working {3D print} and eventually I tried deleting old files and it started right up! It seems if it gets too full it just stops.