Moved 3D Printhead manually, now it won't print

A350, new modules.

I moved the 3D printhead manually over to the far right side, and now it won’t start, print, or cancel jobs. Please help me reset it. Thank you.

Also, I cannot connect Luban via wifi.

Also, on the controller, -30c printhead and 20c print bed temps. Very odd.

I feel like i really messed this up. Also, won’t print from thumb drive

Hi there, turn it off and move head slow all the way to the left.
X axis to the top, all the way, and verify both ends are at the very top.

Disconnect the head cable, and look at the pins - make sure they are looking good. Look into the connector on the head, make sure eita looking good.

Turn it on, go to control → Go Home, to home the machine.

Let us know what’s happening and attach pictures…

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Hi Nweolu,

First, I’m sorry for the late reply. Renovations, etc.

I just tried to calibrate my machine and it pressed down into the build plate. Your instructions to manually move it to home? It already is in the home position…so I am not quite understanding.

I’m available going forward to try your fixes, and promise to keep up!