Less noisy Controller Fan

After getting annoyed by the loud Controllerfan, i decided to use a leftover Fan of my Computerbuild. A 80mm “be quiet” fan. After getting one side off by 2mm and reprinting the Top shell, and breaking off a part by accident, this is the outcome.

The normal 30mm (or so) Fan is run on 24V the PC Fans are usually 12V, so i had to add a Buck-boost coverter

works like a charm now. The Printhead coolgin fans are now the most noise the Printer makes in Idle. Didnt run a print yet, hopefully the Drivers wotn toast themselfs.
Got two short videos to compare sound but wont uplaod them exept requested.

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Nice work!

Also, I didn’t even know that had a fan…

If this were a SN2 you would be right, the SN1 (original) does have a Fan and its drivers in the controller. Might have a look into your external module cooling for both of my printers. Looks good on the pictures

Can you upload your stl files?

SN1_Shell.zip (128.0 KB)
The fan has to be mounted in pull config as the airflow is just bouncign off the mainboard otherwise, screws ill have to check what type ive used, the fan is mounted with teh screws it came with.

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