Fan noise and controlling it

My biggest issue with the Snapmaker Original is the fan noise when 3d printing.
I have changed the control board fan and the side fan (extruder heatsink) to 40mm fans which has helped but the biggest culprit is the little fan at the bottom.
I am thinking of removing this fan and replacing with a 40mm one using something like this: - Original Snapmaker Part Cooling Fan V2.0
Thoughts? Has anyone done this?
Thanks in advance.

I had no problem because I disabled it for a long time. Cheers

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Which 40mm fans are you using?

I recently broke my 30mm fan while trying to extract some broken filament. I replace it, but had to do a bit of re-wiring to get everything working properly. The red & black wires were reversed, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to remove them from the connector to flip them.

When I break it again, I might as well make it quieter. :slight_smile:

Just got some 40mm fan from Amazon UK - same issue, had to redo the white connector as the wires were wrong way round. Thought the fans were duds!