Need to replace 20mm fan

Hey, looks like the 20mm fan on the bottom of the 3d printing module has died. I’m having trouble tracking down the right size+connector. Anybody managed to dig up a place to get a replacement fan? I bought a couple 20mm fans from NewEgg, but the power connector is different; it’s much smaller on the new fans, so I can’t plug them in to the board. Any help appreciated. :slight_smile:

If they are the same V/I, you can just use the old connector and solder the wires, use shrink wrap. Might be more involved than you were hoping though.

Has anyone managed to find new fans for the SM1 that will hold-up like the original ones. I have changed through about 5-6 sets of fans on the 3d printer head after my originals finally failed. The one’s I have purchased cannot with stand the heat and the bearing goes out after one print session. @Rainie I could not find the manufacturer of the original fans, they seemed to be quite a bit better quality than the ones I have found can you provide a place to purchase them.

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I bought these to replace the part cooling fan:

You have to change the polrity of the connector to get them running but they are doing just fine.

If you need the fans for the hot end (different size) you can take these:

Also here the “problem” with the connector.