3D Printing Issue

Hello everyone. I am having an issue with 3D printing on my A350. I can heqt the nozzle and bed up to the required temperatures and feed the filament in and out with no issue. When I start a print going, the nozzle moves to the front left corner until the temperature gets to target and primes to identidy no issues. Unfortunately, that is where the printing stops… The head moves as if printing the but nothing is coming out of the nozzle. I tried it qith a print that I have succeaafully done before to check the program but that did not work correctly either. The temperatures remain stable and correct but still nothing.

It is almost as if it is not getting the message to start extruding. Any help would be greatful.

One common cause of problems like this is having the printer calibrated too tight, so that there’s no space between the nozzle and the bed for plastic to extrude into. The printer tries to push filament through anyway, but just ends up stripping it. If your A350 is priming correctly and leaving a blob on the corner of the bed, the feed mechanism inside the head is working.

Hello and thank you for your quick response ElloryJay.

I did not change any settings since the last print I did, which worked perfectly. Also, it does multiple layers and still nothing comes out.

I will confirm the gap later this evening and increase the gap using yhe offset to ensure this is not the issue.

Thank you once again for your response.

Hello ElloryJaye and thank you once again.

I was able to trial the start of a print this evening. Before I started the print, I recalibrated the printer bed and set the height to 0.5mm above the bed to ensure I have enough clearance, even though the display requires 0.1mm (calibration card). It worked.

I may have a problem with backlash that may be causing the issue… I noticed that when I was setting the height, moving down on the z axis, I get to 0.1mm away from the bed using the calibration card. When I move up on the z axis I can then move up by 0.3mm before the head starts to move. When I move the head down again, I get a different value once more. I will have to look into it further when I get a little more time.

I do not believe I am getting consistant results. I will post any findings at a later date.