3d Printer that doesn't 3d print

Been trying for over 2 months to get a replacement part so I could at least attempt to do something and the customer service team keeps closing my ticket. I’m so upset with this product It doesn’t 3d print, it wont accept a job from the computer. I was sent the wrong parts for the laser print bed which finally arrived, but why are so many things wrong with my printer? And why wont customer service follow through? After a month of waiting on the part, I had to contact them again to find out that they never sent the part like they said they would. So now a month later, I’m still waiting on the part that says, “in transit” for the past month.

What do I do? Will Snapmaker ever make good on this product? I have a very expensive paperweight. And I bought the whole thing. I got every accessory and the enclosure and I’ve yet to be able to use the thing at all.

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I’ve been trying to contact support for a month because I also have a bad 3D print head. The proximity sensors doesn’t work at all; my printer leaves deep gouges in the build plate no matter how I set the adjustment height on the head itself. I can’t even complete the initial calibration on that particular printer, though I have two others that work just fine.

I’ve left numerous messages with support and I’ve tried calling as well, but the only response I’ve gotten says that I might need 3 - 5 days to get a response. I have yet to have even a single actual interaction with anyone at Snapmaker, even after a full month of trying.