3D Printer Broke - no help from tech support

  I contacted tech support via their email link 4 days ago, but got no response.  So I posted this on the Facebook page 2 days ago.  Same result.  
 I bought an A250 printer several months ago, and the 3D printer is inoperable. 
 I have been having problems with the printer for 3 or 4 weeks.  Then it stopped printing completely.  I used your support pages and followed the directions.  So far I have replaced the printer nozzle and updated the firmware.  Both operations were completed successfully.  
 After doing the firmware update, I tried to calibrate the machine, but that did not complete.  I also tested the proximity sensor, and it failed.  Unfortunately, I then tried to print something, and the machine tore a deep furrow into the print mat before I could terminate the print job.
 At minimum, I believe the proximity sensor has failed.  If that is not the root cause, then the controller module may be at fault.  
 So it's been 4 days now, and I haven't received one word from tech support.  I don't think I should have to call China on the telephone to get help.
 My machine is dead for 3D printing, and now I have a badly damaged print mat, which is brand new.  I bought a new one hoping it would fix the problem.  I was wrong.


Karl D. Dodenhoff

try using the webform or the ‎support@snapmaker.zendesk.com address
also one or more of them may have been on holiday, so try again now

Thanks for the reply, and the advice. I appreciate it, but I feel that I shouldn’t have to chase people or companies around for help, especially when it involves an expensive piece of equipment like the A250. I’ll keep my eyes open for a response from Snapmaker.

Frankly, I and most everyone else here agrees with you on that. Don’t have much other recourse, however, other than troubleshooting yourself.

One person waited a couple of weeks, your call if you want help now or wait potentially in perpetuity.

To be clear not saying it is good, saying it works, I get responses from them every couple of days.

If you call, be aware that they’re in China in +8 timezone. If you’re in the US, that means calling between afternoon and midnight, Sunday - Thursday. Exactly when depends on your timezone though.

Well, I got an email that they’re going to be having a sale soon, 50% off the modules, and that might end up being my best hope. ugh!

Did you get an auto-response at least? You should get that, usually within an hour, and at most 24 hours.
Might take a few days for actual support from a person.
If you didn’t you should check your spam folders or try again.


Make some pictures of your machine, maybe the community could help.

No. Nothing. Not even an auto response that I can find.

I don’t really understand why pictures of the machine would help, but I’m willing to try anything at tis point.

China (some of?) was on holiday the last few weeks. I wonder if something lost mails in that time.
Try the support@snapmaker.zendesk.com address and see if you get response.
I am getting responses very couple of days from them on an active support case.
good luck.

Make some pictures from the front and from the side, so we could confirm you set it up right.
Maybe do a little video about the auto calibration but shut it down bwfore something breaks.