3D printer restarting print midway, digging into hot plate

This is sadly what I woke up to this morning.

I am frankly shocked. I left the printer to print a figurine from the popular League of Legends game for my friend, overnight. Before going to bed, I checked how the printer fared and saw no problems or irregularities. I have had multiple successful prints and have encountered no problems so far.

The printer somehow stopped the print halfway, reset it’s coordinates and started digging into the hot plate, whereafter it started printing again. I had to turn off the machine with the on/off button, as the touch-screen wouldn’t react.

The print was done using the supplied USB stick, with a single print file, made using SnapMaker 3D. As it’s evident, this is not a problem with calibration, as the printer had already started and was successfully printing the desired print and so, I have no idea what caused this or what my actions from hereon should be.

I have searched for this problem and have found no other identical situation. Does anyone have any advice or should I simply contact SnapMaker right away?

Thanks in advance!

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Wow! I’m so sorry you had such a spectacular fail. Definitely contact SnapMaker support right away. If it were me I would suggest to them to replace your controller, Z-axis, bed, and if your Y-axis is damaged, that too. They may want to examine the controller and Z-axis to try and diagnose what happened. My suspicion would be that the Z-axis dropped and caused the whole mess. If the Z-axis dropped it could cause either the X or Y to skip and loose position and have the appearance that it restarted. But it could be the controller did something weird. The touch panel not responding gives support to that theory. They may also want to examine the GCODE file you were using to see if it had anything in it to cause the problem.


WOW WOW WOW; I suspect it was a classified project and self destruct was initiated so that no one could see it.

That really is a spectacular fail.

Maybe a design feature for future versions include a sensor that detects if the head is pressing into the hot plate. Or a firm ware upgrade could probably be utilised to pause or turn the unit off if the Z position indicates a value below 0.


Thank you for your take on the problem, I would also think that the controller might be the culprit here, especially based on your notions. I will contact SnapMaker support concerning a solution.

Well, the figurine that I printed (Teemo) is hated by many, but for even 3D printers to start hating him, I certainly hope not! Haha. Anyway, classified or not, having a set Z 0 position and checking whether this value dips below 0, as you suggest, sounds like a solid long-term solution.

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Hi. Mine isn’t nearly as bad. however I have about 5 prints no success since that have failed with a reset. Most common is the printer head ends in the back right corner of the print bed area. Others have been melted and thrown print off the bed. All of these prints have worked numerous times in the past.

6 while I was eating and posting the above. Nozzle is lowered into the print. I dunno.

Ok print 7, Z port 5 switched to 4 and before file selected I used system controls to go home. Last one for me I’m unfortunately away from this machine for two months.

Any solutions here?

So far my Snapmaker has reset on the last 5 prints. I thought it was octoprint and then I tried printing off the SD card, reslicing the file, updating the firmware and still no luck.

Finally I happened to be watching it when it happened. Mid-print I saw a flash of the boot screen and the whole thing reset while the hot end sank into my print…

Getting bummed out now.

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what temperatures are you running and how long was it printing before it resets?

Recycled PLA at 210, bed at 50. It’s happened at about 4 hours and at 6 hours.

It could be a G-Code issue. Can you provide the G-Code you used to print?

I personally don’t know how to read it, but it may help the debugging process if somebody else knows how to read it :smiley: