I was doing a print and I heard a click and the printhead slammed to the deck and it continued printing. So it started to rip through the print – breaking and destroying the print. I canceled the print.

I reset the printer and everything looked fine. I watched over it for the first hour and all seemed well. I left the house and returned to find that the printer had not only destroyed the print, but tore off the base plate.

It is in pieces now.

What do I do now?

And now I find out only 180 warranty. Doesn’t the firmware keep track of operating time? Isn’t that a better judge as most of the time is spent sitting idle/unused?

From the video, it seems that the reason might be some loosening screws under the printing bed.
But it’s really hard to tell. :thinking:
Can you also check the back side of the printing bed?

I would suggest you either wait for response from warranty service,
or clean it up, put the plate back, fasten everything, give it another try, and watch it.

I stopped swearing and calmed down. I cleaned up the mess and put the printer back together. There are two things broken that I am aware of at this point.

  1. The Z axis is broken. It doesn’t respond to controls.
  2. The nozzel is coated/covered with a spider’s web ball of plastic.

I am guessing I can probably fix #2 by heating up the end and using steel wool to clean the tip.

I am guessing #1 is due to a physically broken part(s).

Snapmaker Team, what’s next?

There are reports of port 5 on the controller dying. Port 4 gets the same signal, so try plugging in there.

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I changed it from port 5 to port 4 and it now moves up and down.

So, I guess it is possible that port 5 failed during a print and the printhead just fell down. I’m almost hoping that is the case because it would be a simple explanation and an easy fix.