3D Printer Head - Panasonic GX-H8A Proximity Sensor

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So if you’ve read some of my other posts…basically my proximity sensor on my A350 is gone. It broke off months ago and I’ve since misplaced it. This is beside the point though as the stock proximity sensor is too low powered to read anything through glass (1mm max range).

Oh, I print almost everything on glass - the Snapmaker bed mats are much too expensive to replace. I’ve already gone through 3 of them (front and back) due to my machine randomly gouging the mats even after leveling. I’d rather replace a $2 sheet of glass than a $45 mat that I have to wait 2+ weeks to get in the mail.

ANYWAYS, based on specs and other forum topics I picked up a Panasonic GX-H8A proximity sensor that is supposed to read up to 2.5mm. I finally got it in the mail last week and got it hooked up today. I tossed one of my beat up mats on the bed for testing, and…it doesn’t work.

TL;DR: Has anyone gotten this sensor to work?

I don’t believe that the 2mm range will see thru the glass either anyhow… but its worth a try i suppose.

First - You can test the sensor out by taking a meter to the output and 24VDC+ on the module

test with target and without target. one should show voltage the other won’t.

I cannot recall if the prox sensor is supposed to be normally open or normally closed, i know the filament switch is normally closed. a relay can be used to adjust that if it ends up needing to be. however, the NPN is the right type of output at least.

also wiring should be Brown 24vdc, black signal, blue gnd

If you can confirm you are getting a signal that switches effectively thats a step in the right direction.

I don’t believe that the 2mm range will see thru the glass either anyhow… but its worth a try i suppose

There is a item you can print created by a member who has passed away called FiFix that is an adaptor to add to your 3dp module which gives a target for printing on glass. There is a whole big thread dedicated to it, which you should read, but here is a link for the file. RIP Stefix

You could try an IR sensor, works great on glass and fits just fine in the original print head.

Full installation write up and it has been installed by others,

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I am one of the others. Works great! Auto leveling on glass is such a time saver.

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