3D printer calibration guide (Teaching Tech, update v2)

Hello all,

I just wanted to mention this here. I recently stumbled upon this and the guy from the teachingtech youtube channel has created an in my opinion great guide to step by step calibrate your 3D printer.

I haven’t tried it myself yet as I’m still waiting on my SM2 to arrive, but it looks super handy and very useful. It covers almost every topic I’ve read about here that could be solved by calibrating your printer.

PS: I don’t have any affiliation or benefit from posting this here, but I thought it could come in handy for new printer owners. I’ll definitely be trying it myself.

Hope this is useful for someone.


I’ve got that one bookmarked as well. Will try some of them once I get my machine.

Thanks for the share!

Will definitely try. I have had my A350 since April and have yet to get one decent print.
Thanks for sharing.

Super, hope to get my SM2 in September. Worried about all the fine tuning I have been reading about. This step by step explanation looks really useful. Thanks for the link.

Looks good, but has anyone done it with a snapmaker?
There seems to be several settings that affects the g-code that are dependent on which printer. As a noob I must admit I don’t really know what these are for the A250. Things like start code, location of 0,0 etc.

Anyone with the correct settings for Snapmaker?

Hi Hcp123, honestly there is no correct settings. To achieve optimal settings for 3D printing especially you need to experiment and learn from trial and error. But to start off you can check out our guides on our Support Page and our YouTube channel. And feel free to share your progress here on the forum :smile:

That is what I’m doing :slight_smile:
My question was about the correct settings for the the https://teachingtechyt.github.io/calibration.html page. It has several things you have to set that are different for each printer type.
Things such as “Additional start gcode” and “ABL type”, and that is just for the layer one calibration.
There are several other settings on the other pages.

I just wanted to know if anyone has doen this with the snapmaker and knew what was the correct settings. I guess not.

Hello all,

just FYI, Teaching tech has updated the calibration guide. The calibration tests have been updated, there is support for multiple nozzle sizes now etc.

The link is still the same


Hey I’m having the same issues. Did you ever get this figured out?

Hey. Not really, I made some guesses and tried a bit and got an ok result after a while. Don’t remember what settings I used though.
Haven’t had time to play for a few months so I have to start over again I guess :joy:

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