3D print module off of print after filament reload

I have had two instances now when the filament ran out then re-load new filament when the print starts up again it doesn’t go to the print, but off to the right when looking at it. I am doing it through the touchscreen though via USB, maybe that might be a part of the problem. Any thoughts?

I am not quite sure about off to the right when looking at it. Did you mean that the printing module is off to the right side of the heated bed.

You need to update three tool-heads separately, which means you need to update the firmware when every tool-head is mounted, and update the firmware three times.

For the laser module, plug it on and then update the firmware.

Switch to the 3DP module, update the firmware once again.

The same to the CNC module.

Please do the following steps.

  1. Use a USB cable to connect the machine to a computer. In Luban, input M503. And then on the touchscreen, do the auto-calibration again. Will it work? If it still does not work, please follow the step 2 and 3.

  2. Input M206 X-19 Y-10 Z0 and then input M500
    And please do the auto-calibration again. Will it work?You can update the firmware to V1.12.1 now.