3D print in top right quadrant

I think some others have experienced this issue with the latest Luban version (4.2.3), not sure if there is a solution.

When I load objects they are centered on the plate but when I build the G-code and load it to the workspace the objects are always in the top right quadrant.

As a result I can’t take advantage of the full build size and also running into warping issues at the periphery of the bed plate.

Any suggestions?


Usually that means you selected the wrong machine. In Preferences, Machine Settings, double check that the machine matches the actual model you purchased.

Thanks for the reply. It’s definitely set to the correct machine. A250 (with the upgraded motors).

Hey, can you add a screen video here, which shows your operation? That will help us to figure out the problem~

Hi there,

I’ve made a video of the issue through Vimeo.

I don’t have this issue with the laser engraving or CNC. It only seems to be happening with the 3D printing. I’ve tried installing Luban on another computer and I have the same issue.

That’s how the print bed is represented, just the top right quadrant, it will print in the centre of the bed.

But it’s not printing in the middle. It prints to the upper right quadrant of the bed.

hi sorry, but i didn’t see your video. Do you mind sharing a google drive link? You can also write an email to our support team with the video, if you find it too complicated to upload a big vide here. The email address is support@snapmaker.com.