Snapmaker original goes to the corner to print

When printing any item the machine always starts in the far corner even though luban puts the print in the centre?

Do you mean before printing starts, when it’s priming the nozzle? Or is your machine starting to print in the corner, where the part is not located?

If it’s the later, try uploading or linking the GCode file. I’ll read through it, and see if there’s anything odd about it.

hi, sorry i’ve been busy with work. i mean as it starts the print in the far right corner and this if every different thing i print. i have the A250 and i have no problems with this so it seems to be either the original or the way luban is converting it for the original.

hi again. i figured it out at the top in the workspace window is a settings pull down and on machine settings it was set to my A250. i changed it to the original and now everything works fine. thanks

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