I Can't Center Models in Workspace

So i just started 3-d printing in general a few days ago and i can’t figure out how to center models i either made myself or downloaded off of thingiverse after i load the G-code into the workspace of Luban. Regardless of how many times i turn models into G-code and put in the workspace, it all ends up in the top right-hand corner and are all scaled like the corner was the entire print space. I have a snapmaker 2.0 250 and anything i print turns out just fine, its just 1/4 the size i was expecting. what am i doing wrong?

The print should show up in quadrant 1 in the workspace as that is where the bed is positioned (in the positive x and y directions). By size, do you mean that measuring it in a 3d modeling program is 4x larger than measuring it after printing? Or based on perception from the program?

It is also worth mentioning that Luban is meant for getting started, and it would be worth venturing out into other slicers for 3d printing such as Cura when you start to get the hang of things.

Random idea, with no evidence, are you sure you selected the A250 in the settings? In Luban, click on the gear icon in the lower left corner, then Settings > Machine Settings. The Machine drop down should be “Snapmaker 2.0 A250”.

Although, that idea would only affect printing in the corner, it shouldn’t affect the size…

Maybe try some of the pre-sliced models in section 4 of the 3D Print Guide. I have a temp tower handy, so let’s try that. Download the 190-225ºC temperature tower for your model, and print it. Mine was 8cm tall.

If the pre-sliced GCode prints correctly, it indicates a Luban config of some sort. If it does not print correctly, it’s more likely a controller/hardware problem.

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So when i size a model in luban for example 100mm it gets printed at 25mm in the quadrant closest to the origin corner and only in that quadrant. Also i tried using Cura at your suggestion and while a bit confusing, it is printing things in the middle of the workspace, like i want, and at the size that it says in the display screen. So thank you for that.