3D print filaments

Hi everybody,

Am new to this game, received the Snapmaker last week and I love it, only played with the functionality of the 3D print head, will relocate the unit before testing the other two heads.

I have print job the needs a specific UV (photostable) ASA filament, as the item lives outside. The recommendations for printing this are, high extruder temps (230-250°) high bed temps (90-100°) and slow natural cooling with a maximum of 10% cooling fan or it could crack.

Firstly, anyone tried this material? If so, any tips?

Secondly, anyone managed to control the fan speed?

Reading online, the gcode setting for fan speed should be easy to amend in text editor before uploading into the print job. Anyone attempted this who could offer guidance or comment on whether this works?

Sorry for all the Qs, like I said, I’m new to this and loving it.

I’ve been trying to control the fan speed via M codes but have yet to find success. Even the on/off codes seem to do nothing. I believe the fan is on as long as the machine is on and that’s it. @CthulhuLabs explains it really nicely in this thread

I’m hoping someone savy with electronics will find a way to hack in a fan controller and of course there is always the option of an external cooling source.

As far as material goes I’ve never tried ASA material so I can’t comment on it.