Printing Modules: Modifications for ABS / ASA or Flexible Filas

Hello there,
after having a break from 3D Printing for a while i want to reactivate my SM1 and thought about setting up two separate printing modules, lets say one for PLA / PETG and one for ABS / ASA.

Apart from Fan Diverter and Flexible Fila adapters, what would you guys do to optimize those two modules in order to specialize them for different filaments?

i.e. I saw some threads about better heat break/insulation for the hot end from the rest of the Module; how could this be achieved?

Found this thread where Snapmaker provides a draft explaining the cooling flow trough the Module

according to this information, the fan for cooling the Hotend on my SM1-module was installed in the wrong direction (label facing to the outside) from the start…
But wouldn’t it make more sense this way; if the hotend-fan is pulling the air out of the module removing heat directly from the heatsink, instead pushing (hot) air towards the stepper to the other side of the module?

I will try the following modifications to optimize the hotend for higher temp. (ABS/ASA)
-3mm thick ptfe washer for the heatbreak
-changing 24V/0,1A bottom fans position to left side of the module, pushing air inside the module toward the heatsink, where the other fan pushes the air out (horizontal flow only)
-as my DIY enclosure for the SM1 can be heated up for ABS prints;
connecting hoses for in-/outlet for fresh air to the module for stable cooling

now, the people with more experience on 3D printing: would this make any sense?
Does anyone has seen something similar on other setups with enclosures?



After some testing with different fan-positions and air vent solutions i decided to take another approach and working on an adapter for water cooling. This will maybe solve issues with heated enclosures, Stepper, Heater and Temp.Sensor are Snapmakers orig. parts.