3d print fail at the secound time


in the first picture you can see the first print and on the next the secound print that fail


does anyone know what happened here?
or how to fix it ?

It looks like the piece in the 2nd picture is rotated from it’s print orientation. I believe the vertical bit on the left was originally the bottom.

This looks to me like an extrusion problem. I was originally going to say a problem with a failed overhang leading to lots of strings. But if that was the case, the right half of the print wouldn’t be shriveled up like that. It would be the correct size, with some random strings poking out of it.

Because that side looks like you put it in the oven to shrink, I feel like the extruder isn’t pushing out as much filament as it should be.

Although it could also be that a layer failed to adhere, at the transition, and everything above that is just random string being air printed and deposited as the head travels around. The reasons for a layer failing to adhere can include under extrusion, as well as temperature and dust issues.

Were you nearby when it failed? I’m guessing not, otherwise you would’ve stopped the print sooner.

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I printed it in the same direction as before, because it was the same file. I also did’t change anything in the settings.

When I saw this I directly stopped the Maschine.

I think that in the second time the printer did’t read the g code clean.

I can’t say for sure what happened; there are couple ways it could fail and still produce that. Regardless, I’d say the best way to figure out what when wrong is to try it again. Try to do it sometime when you can hang out nearby or check in frequently.

If it fails again, please post a picture of it on the print bed. I’m interested to see what the last correctly printed layer looks like.

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okay i will try to reproduce the process again.
Thank you for this tip.

@clewis i try it this morning to reproduce the process again, but i was not able to do this.

I think the maschine just had a bad day.

It happens. I’ve had models that printed before fail, then work again later. So far, most of my issues seem to be dust related, particularly if the window near the printer is open.