3" ducting for enclosure

I need a longer exhaust duct for my enclosure - 3M. I can’t find a suitable flexible 3" (76mm) pipe here in the UK. They all seem to be designed for cars. I did buy one claiming to be flexible, it sort of does the job but it’s not flexible at all. From 4" onwards there’s loads of options.

Print an adapter and use 4".


I did think of that but I already have a 3" adapter in the wall to extract outside and there’s no more room to get a larger pipe behind the printer.

I use a white flexible air conditioner hose of a slightly larger diameter than the original black hose - it being very flexible means that functioning isn’t significantly impaired by it being “squished” slightly between wall and printer. The metal hose clamp that came with the printer has no issue with tightly securing a flexible hose of a somewhat larger diameter than the original one.

Do you know what diameter your hose is?

It’s 100mm diameter, 6 meter long hose, sold at amazon and virtually any hardware store as mobile air conditioning extension hose - the material is a thick, sturdy, intransparent white plastic foil with a thin spiral looping steel string for structural integrity.

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