2.0 software firmware update wifi problems

I ran the software update and have been unable to connect to my a350T since.

From Workspace, I select connect for my machine via wifi and am shown 3 pop-ups in succession. The first shows “Connecting”, the second is “Screen Authorization Needed” and the final shows “Disconnected”.

I’ve since uninstalled and reinstalled the Luban 4.10.1 software and completed a firmware update to Snapmaker2_V1.18.1_20231103 for the laser module. I also completed a router reboot and confirmed both the computer and the Snapmaker are on the same network.

For now I will revert to using USB to transfer files and work directly from the Snapmaker screen.

A quick update. I bought my A350T when the current software was 4.7.3. I can utilize any update up to 4.8.2. Once I install 4.9.X and beyond, the connect via Wi-Fi will go through the connection process and then disconnect.

I’m having the same problems after upgrading to Luban 4.10.1, so you’re not alone. A power cycle sometimes helps, but not always.