1st day and need help please

Today is my first day to use my new Snapmaker a350. I successfully printed the test vase (scaled down version) and then a very small 15 minute print. Now I can’t get it to print anything else. It isn’t responding. I’ve turned on and off several times, unloaded and reloaded filamet, but the “play / start” button does nothing. The nozzle and bed are heated to the correct temp. Any ideas or suggestions? So frustrted!

My first recommendation would be to update the firmware if you have not already to try to rule out any firmware bugs that may have been fixed

at that point, play/start? you are trying to use luban to run the file? try to “send over wifi” and run directly from the display

Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I was using Liban direct connect because our school WiFi is down this week :crazy_face:

ohh okay, maybe try it with a usb thumb drive, the machine comes with one in the toolbox