Extruder issues


Can anybody help me here, suddently my prints are really bad and week.
No changes in the slicer, started with a jammed nozzle, replaced nozzles and filament 2 times.

calibrated bed, tested with both luban and cura profile…just cant get it working.

And off course this happens the same time as my Snapmaker J1 breaks down under update and is in need of a new motherboard…feeling a bit tired off snapmaker…sorry for the rant. :slight_smile:

Normally this is a sign if under extrusion

Maybe you can start with the e steps calibration. Or to test it you can print one part with 105% flow or so on

Also looks like there are too few layers above the fill pattern.

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Determine if the problem is with the printer or the filament. Reprint a previous file that did work. I found that %95 of my problems was from filament that absorbed moisture. It is NOT apparent till after you pulled all your hair out. Investing in a filament dryer is the best investment in 3D printing. A food dehydrator works for emergencies but one designed for filament that allows the spool to roll feed to the printer is better. Make sure it heats and not just a plastic box with a fan.