10W Laser Camera Serial Port Connection with PC problem

Hello everyone, I have downloaded the latest Luban and CH340 drivers for my Artisan 10W Laser Camera module. When I use the Serial Port Connection to connect to the PC, I cannot find the Laser Camera, but I can connect to the Laser Camera when using the WiFi Connection. I want to use Serial Port Connection to connect to PC, does anyone have a solution?

I don’t think the serial connection bandwidth is capable of transferring images in a meaningful time. So it might not be supported.
Try to reach out to support - Support Ticket Form

Even with the Snapmaker 2.0, the camera of the 1.6 watt and 10 watt laser was coupled with radio and only accessible with WiFi. Therefore the camera is only available with the WiFi connection.

Thank you Sir,I have confirmed with the Snapmaker agent that the Serial Port cannot use the Laser Camera. As you said, only WiFi can be used to support the Laser Camera. Thanks for the reply

Does anyone know of a work around? For security purposes my work doesnt allow my artisan to be connected to the internet.

Wifi doesn’t equal Internet.
You can create an isolated SSID that won’t have Internet access.
Connect your printer to it.
Then if you have smart enough network management hardware in place, you can route communications to and from the printer seamlessly with any selected workstation, even if it’s connected to a different WiFi or wired network.
Ask your IT team, they should be aware keywords - ssid, vlan, routing.

The camera in the laser module actually connects via bluetooth to the touchscreen, which also handles the wifi connection. Using USB, you’re connecting to the controller directly, bypassing the touchscreen entirely.

Since you’re bypassing all the control mechanisms and connections to the camera, there’s no way to get it via USB serial. Fun fact; even Luban uses the web API to request images, requiring wifi. When you request an image via wifi connection on Luban, it sends the API calls via the following urls. (example is for the 10W on 350)

Take/store image:
http://[Snapmaker IP]:8080/api/request_capture_photo?index=0&x=232&y=178&z=290&feedRate=3000&photoQuality=10

Retrieve image from touchscreen:
http://[Snapmaker IP]:8080/api/get_camera_image?index=0

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I feel like you are an expert in snapmaker API by now and need to write a book about it =)

Nah, I just happened to reply before someone else did. :upside_down_face: There’s peeps here with vastly superior knowledge to mine. I’m just a user.

I mean, you came up with the drag&drop batch file if I remember correctly. I was trying to make it understand spaces in the file path yesterday, curl didn’t want to cooperate =)

You might have to do some light parsing, something that first converts spaces into %20 before being placed into the curl URL. That should fix that.

Yeah, I figured some regexp would solve this, but it was too much for one test run of a new dragknife :slight_smile:

Yes, that was me. Full automation, minus physically loading material, was my goal and I’ve achieved that. :slight_smile: It’s really nice to just whip up a project in Lightburn, remotely measure the thickness to input, save it as a gcode file, drag & drop and off the machine goes on its own.

While I do not have an Artisan, from what I’ve figured out, is most of my 2.0 guides SHOULD work with the Artisan. I cannot test the web APIs, but I know the gcode Luban spits out for the artisan vs 2.0 are exactly the same, the only difference is the ETA it figures up. I found this out while doing some rotary studies on the Lightburn forum. It seems to be running the same base marlin code. I’d like a Ray so I can do tests and guides for it, since I read somewhere it’s on GRBL, but I don’t have Snapmaker money anymore, things are tight.

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Thanks for the info guys ill talk to my system admin, but im afraid i know the answer. They wouldnt let me buy the j1, bc the website said there was no way to connect to it aside from wifi and flash drive.
Kinda seems like the touch screen should be integrated or have a rj45 connection.

Sounds like you system admin should be replaced or given some budget for proper equipment.
Sorry :frowning:

Cheap or old wifi router that isn’t connected to the main network would solve the problem. :person_shrugging: Just have an off-network AP specifically for wireless machine connections.

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