10W Camera Calibration does not mark paper

During installation of my newly acquired 10W laser module I noticed during the camera calibration that it did not mark the paper although it ran through the sequence to do so. The program completed so I went to work marking products as the laser was working fine. I don’t use the Capture Background much, with the 1.6W before, so I didn’t think much about it. I’ve tried multiple times to calibrate but each time it does not mark the paper.

Is there a setting somewhere that has the power/speed set too low/fast that needs to be adjusted for this automated routine to correctly mark the paper for calibration?

I think it cuts the paper on the four sides, but not completely to the corners as to keep the square intact for the photo. Are you seeing that there is the corners uncut in four places - if so, that is normal.

If it’s like the 1.6W laser, keep in mind it won’t fire the laser if you’re doing the calibration with the door open. It’ll move but the laser will be off.

There were no marks on the page at all. I did the same process with a scrap piece of plywood and it marked some of the lines. I know from other posts that it leaves a gap at the corners but this only marked one of the horizontal lines, both of the verticals on the plywood. Nothing marked on the paper.

I’ll have to rerun with the doors closed. I have the setting to allow the enclosure doors to be ignored but that ma be something. Best I can remember I had the doors open for all times I ran the calibration. As noted above I got a partial pattern burn on the plywood, none on paper. (With the exact same procedure)

Hi, I just changed my 10W laser over, Snapmaker 250T with Enclosure and had this problem. Running calibration did not mark/cut the paper.
It seems that for at least my setup that it does not matter if you have the door detection off or on. If you have the doors open, the laser goes to 5% power. (Not sure if that is the actual percentage, but it will not mark the paper and through the laser glasses, the beam is extremely weak.)
If you shut the doors the calibration works fine. (Even with door detection off.)
firmware 2_v1.18.0_20231025
controller v4.6.2
Hope this helps.

Had this same problem myself, Was the laser head SUPER close to the paper? I recalibrated the “Toolhead Focus” and then when I did camera calibration the laser head was farther away from the paper and it did cut it this time. I had also done the thickness calibration but I think the toolhead focus calibration is what did the trick.

It then proceeded to run the head into the table when I clicked “go to work origin” for some reason - even though it obviously knew exactly where the table was since I had JUST calibrated it to within a MM, but I guess that’s another issue to figure out :-/