10 Watt Laser and Rotary Module troubleshooting

Hey fellow creators! I’m totally new here and am excited to get more involved in the forums.

I’m coming here because I truly have no idea how to fix this problem. Please see linked video.

In a nutshell, I recently put on the new 10W laser module with my A350T. Laser works great, but the rotary module doesn’t turn. What’s bizarre, is that if I attach the CNC or 1.6 laser, the rotary module turns like normal. So I’ve verified the hardware is fine, maybe a software glitch? Everything is up to date, I’ve tightened the rotary module, even factory reset the A350T. I also tried to use the G.code for the 1.6 laser just to see if it would turn the rotary and it didn’t. Again, this only happens when 10W laser is attached. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks makers!

Share your story with the support and let us know if its gonna be fixed.

Btw, could you jog the b axis normal?

Hi Jman12, you can contact our Support at support@snapmaker.com. :blush:

What was the solution. I have the same problem