First impression with the laser module

Hi everyone,
I am Thomas and I just got my Snapmaker 2 A350 last week and for this weekend, after assembling the the encloser and the snapmaker, my first projekt was to get used to the laser.
I already owned one of the “Original” Snapmakers and the laser was my most used tool.
So with the new device I was eager to try the new features of auto focus detection and the camera for placing things directly in the virtualized workspace.
All in all it kind of works for me but there are some realy bad things causing me pain. Summerizing: The automatic features are making the workflow harder than without.

  1. Auto detection: I am realy not sure if this working correctly. Trying it several times in a row is resulting in different results each time.
  2. Workorigin: I am realy currious about the fact that luban is using a different workorigin (front, left) for starting than the machine in stand alone usange (center of working area). So if I prepare something for standalone usage I have to set the work origin to the front left corner each time).
  3. Workorigin Part2: Using Luban and setting a manual working origin is allways overwritten by starting the g-code??? What? Why?
  4. Camera: Working with the scanned background image does not result in reliable placement, even when the material is centered. My worst resulte was in size differing about 10%
  5. Fixtures: I loved the way to fix the material on the Original snapmaker. It allways worked for me. The new way, with the silicon plugs, could not be worth…

I also had a strange issue with the laser not powering on during camera calibration. The first line was done correctly but all others where not (laser was off). Powercycling solved it for now… but its strange. Could become a reliabilty issue.

Thats it for now… I will try 3D printing next hope that I dont have leveling issues.

There are some reported known issues about features in luban involving the camera and autodetection not working right, take a look around on the forum for discussions about that.

and nobody likes the silicone plugs - although some people created some alternatives with the 3dp module.

i havent used the laser yet myself.

if you havent yet, you should probably update the firmware in any case.