Z offset Issue after Crash and not able to Print anymore

Can someone send me a link where i can creat a support ticket indont find it

Ahh, you have a other platform for your heated bed, this causes your negative grid points, I see.

Is your tool head working?
Your homeposition is Z9.
There are multiple work space origins able to be configured in Marlin Firmware, don’t remember the gcode now…

What are your coordinates if you home from serial connection over Luban?
Same with the other tool heads?

Yes its a custom aluminium plate with a thickness of 6mm. But i used it even befor the glasbed and worked just fine so that is not causing the problems itself and the toolhead worked normal.
On one of the pitures you should see the homing coordinates

So heres a little update the support contacted me and said i should reinstall the new firmware if this doesnt help we would do some troubleshooting via skype. The reinstall didnt worked i wrote a email and see what happens next week.

Ok i checked the left liniar rails and the limit switch worked when im at home i will check the right one

I saw you guys mentioned the issue with leveling and the firmware. Isn’t that what was very recently fixed in the 1.12.2 firmware update?

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But seems like the bed mesh issue is fixed wich is great :pray:t3:

Other question how did you manage to recreate the issue maybe the support team can do it too and find a solution for it?

What do you mean by helped? :eyes:

Ok so one limit switch doesnt work and that results in a failed homing

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Yes im very thankful for this :pray:t3: Would have cost some time with the support! What do you mean by tramming or tram? :eyes:

If you don’t mind elaborating, what changed that allows this to be possible now.

The step, direction, and enable lines are duplicated in the splitter. Without adding some additional functionality somewhere individually controlling the stepper motors would not be possible.

Is this new functionality on the next generation of rails that does not apply to the current generation? Or has there been a firmware update for the current rails that somehow makes this work? I didn’t think the stepper drivers were tied to the controller inside the rails so any additional functionality could be added.

Do you have any reference that supports your claim? I don’t see any change in the controller source code that supports this.

Ok, done. They move in the exact same way. I even deliberately pushed them in such a way that they weren’t aligned, and surprise, they stay that way.
(Thanks now I get to tram them again)

So no, both z-axis are not controlled separately.
And yes, I’m on the latest firmware version.

So please remove your claim that tramming is bad, it’s not correct.


@Somnium tramming is making sure that the x-axis is parallel with the plane of the bed (note not necessarily the bed itself, because that can woble a bit) So typically the Y-modules. Making sure those are well aligned. If you search the forum you can find some pictures on how you can do it, this is the first one I found: Milling the cnc wasteboard flat (or so I thought): mis-aligned z-axis modules - #16 by brent113

I don’t have 1-2-3 blocks as @brent113 is using in that post, but I use cans of soup or something like that. Probably not as precise as 1-2-3 blocks, but still rather adequate. And to validate I pull them out of their position and swap their position, they should slide under nicely again. (that way you also validate both cans are the same height.

Works good enough for me.

If you don’t have a problem with it, you usually don’t really have to worry about it too much. You would see it if your bed has a slope along the x-axis. I encountered it the first time after violently crashing the cnc module in the bed that caused it to get unaligned. (and mess up my cnc project at the time)


ooh i better check if my head crash messed up my alignment

i tightened all my heated bed screws to 1.2Nm torque and calibration shows my .9mm slope increased to 1.5m slope - should have thought about my X rail after the head crash.

Ok so the snapmaker can now controlling if the z axes are alined and adjust them separately and probe the positions? Sry didnt got the time to try if my left limitswitch is working.

The device can not do that automatically. Tramming is a manual action. (to do when the device is turned off). see above.

I spoke about that what he said

I know. However, in this particular case @WilliamBosacker is wrong.