Z-offset Adjusting

It will take about 5s when you adjust the Z-offset during the printing process.

Do not adjust the Z-offset too much that will cause the nozzle gouge the print sheet.

Our engineer has added some protection and enable the log to record more info to help us to locate the problem. More tests are needed to find out all the potential issues for the further improvement of both the firmware and software.


Just so people understand this, the controller has a queue of commands to execute, when you give it a Z offset command from the Touch Screen it takes a few moves before that offset gets executed. I wouldn’t say it is time, it is until the command works it way through the controller queue.


It is a great explanation and I will try to write better understood language.

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Good explanation @Tone
With my grid print it takes more like 10 seconds or 3/4 of the skirt travel to be implemented due to the fact that the skirt is only 4 moves in it’s entirety. This makes it useless on such a print to try and adjust the Z offset during the skirt and not the actual printed part.

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Just make the skirt more laps around. In the case of skirts that are curved it involves more moves.

Yep exactly good idea.