Adjust Settings / Live Z-Offset not applying

I am loading a file using the touchscreen, hitting ‘Adjust Settings’, and applying a -0.05 Z offset.

Start the print, swipe left, and see the Z offset is 0. Adjust again to -0.05.

Repeat, except this time when hitting ‘Adjust Settings’ it already has a 0.05 offset. Hit -0.05 again to make it -0.1. Start the print, swipe left, the Z offset is -0.05. Why is it not -0.1?

Is this a bug? What is happening here?

Probably is a bug, i think that the z offset adjustment during an active print saves pretty consistently

i already know it doesnt save from the jog screen, despite being labeled as offset it really isnt. it should probably do so from the adjustment screen though.

Love how its 9 months later and this is still a bug. :roll_eyes: