Cant adjust z offset

Hey guys, have an A350. heated bed and nozzle up to calibrate 5x5 grid, and set zoffset. then when trying to print a test print, it starts in the left front corner and drags the nozzle to the middle scratching the crap out of the bed. it starts to print and i try to adjust the z offset while printing. However when I select up on the touchscreen i can feel the z axis gantry moving down, and when i select down it moves up. isnt this backwards? I cant for the life of me get this set correctly. If i max the z offset either way the nozzle is still digging in the bed, and I had to order a replacement print sheet due to fighting with this. Anyone know what im doing wrong?

show some photos of your machine assembly, including the linear modules how they are mounted to the main base, a shot of the aluminum web as mounted to the linear modules, and 3dp module mounted to x axis module

looks good

if you are to wave metal right under the prox sensor on the 3dp module, does it light up?

yes it does. i noticed the z makes some buzzing noises when it moves up and down lately to. i dunno why the z offset is backwards. i swear before i pushed down and it went closer to the bed, and pressed up and it went futher away.

hmm… what about jogging screen not during a print how does is move there, does it seem restricted in any way, following directions?

on the control screen everything works correct. down is down, up is up.

what version of firmware do you have?

v1.11.4_20210201 is my version now


well, i guess what i would say is first, try to recalibrate and watch the process. then see how it goes.

Take special note if the sensor is actually activating during the calibration, perhaps the sensor needs adjusted and doesnt reach the bed anymore. if you connect via usb and watch the termnal you can watch the measurement points actually. (optional but it would confirm operation)

i did once have a calibration just “go bad” but i think it was a custom 11 x 11 one.

second, try to roll back to 1.9 and see if the problem persists

im afraid ive exhausted everything i can if those items do not do any help.

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I will also say that due to your ability to follow directions and provide good information/pictures, we have covered all the basics that the pros on here are going to ask and it will be helpful for them to chime in now.

after this final couple of things, we can wait for some of the real heroes to chime in.

thank you for your help, i ran the calibration not plugged into with usb, and watched the sensor led, it does show red when getting close to the bed but it does not actually hit the bed the nozzle hits the bed before the sensor does? is this correct?

Nozzle should not be hitting the bed, i am wondering if its not outputting the signal. can you try this and watch the console via usb to see if its giving measurements, it should probe each spot 3 times and have a value each time.

it may just be a matter of sliding your prox out a bit further too though. possibly it bumped something and is just a bit too far out for it to work right.

actually if you wana, you can check out this post about the prox adjustment for a walk thru on it. it will not hurt to try.

How to adjust the probe/proximity sensor in the 3D printing module? – Snapmaker

im leaning towards either the prox adjustment needs done or something is wrong with the prox sensor not giving the signal to the controller, but those are guesses.

you may also benefit from removing the X axis, realigning the two Z axis brackets and remounting. I have had one module shift out futher form the other which caused some problems when i crashed before. cant that that its related to anything outside of maybe your sound you mentioned, but wont hurt to try.

i followed that link earlier and its as far down as it goes actually but the nozzle is lower then the sensor by a hair. ill connect via usb during calibration and see what it shows standby

The nozzle is supposed to be 1 mm further towards the bed than the sensor. if the space is greater than 1 mm between them, it is a problem.

if you touch the nozzle down on the bed, you would slip a credit card under the prox sensor to set the height essentially. altho i think its easier to do if you move the print head to the lower screws as shown on the link.

OP sent me this picture via PM.

It would seem the output of the sensor is fucntional, So the question is, does the sensor light output before the nozzle touches the build plate or after?