Z-axis stuttering after working well

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I was able to 3D print the vase, and CNCed the phone holder, then got the Rotary Module and carved the Lion Chess Piece. All worked well, including the enclosure with the door sensors on or off. I had to stop shop work for three weeks after I sprained my ankle. When I returned yesterday, I found that the Z-axis had a hard time homing. I ended up assisting by adding a light upward pressure on the “right” side of the X-axis crossbar as the left side moved upward. It is as if the right side is binding somehow. When using the jog controller to move down the Z-axis, the bar stutters, right side following left.

I updated the firmware this morning, with no change.

Could dust from the material supplied with the rotary module have jammed it somehow, or can anyone think of a fix?

If you remove the X axis module and jog up and down are both Z modules moving together? Kind of sounds like the right Z module is not functioning and is being dragged along by the left through the X axis.

Also it appears you posted your message before the video uploaded, just says “processing…”

Apparently, I’m too new to upload a video. :japanese_ogre: I’ll try again, but my “trust level” is low. Your description, though, is spot on. Only question is what to do about it.

Okay, I guess I’ve earned some trust. The video is up

Contact support, if the module is in need of replacement you’ll have to go through them. Email is support@snapmaker.com

Also double check all the cables are plugged in fully, maybe try plugging each module individually into the controller without the splitter to see is it the module or the splitter acting up.

Thanks, Brent. I did switch cables and it appears the motor in the right support column is not working. I’ve contacted Support and we’ll see where it goes from there. Be well.

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