Z Axis Print Issue

At around 37 mm and 80 mm I have poor layers. I just got my snapmaker this week. I exchanged the y and z axis railings and I still have the issue. Please help.

That looks like a tall narrow part. There can be a couple different issues that affect those.

Most likely, it’s really easy for the print head to bump the piece, and even start dragging it, as it gets taller (more leverage). If you’re watching the print, you can sometimes hear small clicks, and see the part swaying back and forth. Sometimes it’ll self correct, but usually it’ll keep getting worse until the part is pulled off the bed entirely.

There are a couple of options for this. The easiest is to enable a surface adhesion brim. It will give the part a larger base that you trim off after printing. It’s only somewhat effective as the parts get taller though. You may still notice that the brim gets pulled loose a little bit. If it still happens, a raft might get better adhesions. Ultimately, you might have to redesign the part to add some (removable) supports, like Falcon 9 landing legs.

You can try enabling Z-hop. The head will raise a bit when moving over non-work areas. I don’t think it’ll help here though because it doesn’t look the print head ever leaves the working area.

For narrow parts, you can sometimes print fast enough that heat starts to build up in the work area and previous layers don’t completely solidify. That usually looks like a partially melted, and the surface quality is bad. This usually continues to get worse, but can be recovered if some environmental changes happen (the room cools down, a room fan turns on, I start blowing on the work area, etc). The solution to this is to usually print additional structures (maybe 2 of the same part), which causes some print head travel delay. Going this route can mean the Zhop issue becomes a problem. More advanced slicers have some features for dealing with this better.

Lastly, I like to sit in the room while the printer is going doing something else (reading, browsing, etc), and just keep an ear out. The stepper motors have a pretty distinct sound, and you can sometimes hear a problem starting by the changing sounds.


I just used that as an example. It even happens when I print the attached model/g-code. At the same spot, which is a much larger, more stable model.







board holder2.gcode (3.57 MB)

(Attachment Board_Holder.obj is missing)


i also just got one myself.
I have the same problem with a pretty narrow but tall object.
I get the same layer-height problems at exactly the same heights.
Did you manage to solve the issue? And if that is the case could you tell here how you did it?

Thanks a lot in advance


I ended up with support sending me a new rail, fixed the problem.






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If anyone will encounter the same problem.
For me the firmware update to version GD32Base-2.11 did the job.