Z axis end stop always triggered

Hi guys.

Finally received my A350 this week after 13 months however I am experiencing an issue with limit switch always triggered.
I have followed FAQ article regarding linear modules only travelling in one direction however I do not think the issue is the same.
When entering the command M119 to check the limit switches it says Zmax is triggered. When I swap the Z axis cable with any other axis and enter the M119 command, it still says that Zmax is triggered. When I disconnect all linear modules and enter the M119 command it says that Zmax is triggered.

I have logged a request with support however would love to hear any other ideas

Wow even swapping cables doesn’t fix it? I think the endstops are normally closed and open upon triggering. I also think the end stops are reported via comms and not a direct switch connection. So I don’t really see how that could happen without getting pretty complicated.

The fact it follows the Z port on the controller rules out specific linear module issues, and the fact that endstops are reported over comms means it can’t be a problem like a short circuit in the controller.

You could get weird with some of the troubleshooting - if you unplug one of the modules from the Y splitters on the Y and Z axes and just have 1 linear module in each power the controller will think it’s an A150. I’m curious if that changes anything?

I have tired with the y splitter, individual linear modules and even with no modules connected. No matter which configuration I try, the zmax always seems to be triggered. I tend to think that the problem lies within the controller