First step with Luban and how to do manual calibration?


I am a bit struggling with Luban:

I created an STL with Tinkercad, all good.

I imported the file into Luban, all good

I created a profile, etc… , all good

The design is in the middle of the 3d view

Then I do load G code to workspace and go to workspace, I can see the design there but it seems to be randomly positionned in the grid.

Let’s I want to do the print on the bottom and right corner of the plate, how to move it there ? Is the grid on the XYZ view the print sheet?

Then, I am kind of lost with calibration.

  • Is it possible to stop the auto calibration while running?

  • How to do manual calibration?

  • On the XYZ menu, there is a control menu. What’s the purpose of this?


Hi, I’m having similar problems.

I’ve had a good dig around but couldn’t find anything on this. There seem to be a few questions but no real answers given.

Is it possible to perform calibration, say for the 3d printer, via the Luban software?

I’ve done it using the touchscreen and it’s fine, but if I go into the Luban software on my PC and try and start a job from there, the calibration is all out of wack and it just drags filament all over the place.

I can’t work out how to either use the calibration I did with the touch screen or adjust the print head position from the software on the PC.


The bed level calibration performed by the touch screen is automatically active when printing from Luban, and should be no different from printing from the touch screen. If the calibration seems off, you can manually edit the mesh, but there are easier things to try first.
Your issue sounds like either a z-offset or general bed adhesion problem, and not like what was described in the original post from two years ago. I would recommend looking through the forum based on those search terms, and if you still have issues then make a new thread including pictures of the problem.

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