Yet another suggestion for SM2 developers

hello to all.

I’d love to see some type of buzzer or bell sound or email once a print is finished.
Everyone has a phone which can play a customized sound from a certain email address.
It shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

Also would love a way to turn off the machine (power supply) when a job is finished.
It’s still early days for the SM2 development. Keep up the good work.



Yes my expensive multi-needle embroidery machines has this. This would be great. I’ll be working on other projects and it will sound a little series of beeps. It will also flash lights on the spool holders as well - as it can get noises with Several machines going. It also makes a similar tone if there is an issue - so you can go check on it.

Might I also add I would love to have an option to use a centering sticker option? On my embroidery machines the camera will detect and automatically center your item to be stitched just based on the placement of the sticker.

Lastly - I’d love the option to forward through the steps in a design on the machine to finish a design that may have an issue or something you are trying to replicate (or possibly fix). For example - I have a lasered Cutting board and at the very end it shifted. I would assume something got bumped - however I’d like to forward the design to that point to see if that was the case - instead of redoing the entire laser project.

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