New 2.0 Hardware Suggestions

Why not use this Hand Held Pendant:

It’s only 46$US and it even has an Emergency Stop.

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I believe that SM is incorporating an emergency stop as well as a rotary dial module into their future releases. I wonder if a modification to SM’s product will void a warranty clause or something of the sort?

It probably only needs a little adapter to interface to the CAN bus. Piece of cake.
Of course all those who have been working on the SM version will be dejected. :unamused:
But then maybe they can beat that price and make everyone happy!!!

How seriously are your engineers looking at an SLA module?


After printing on this for awhile I’m reminding myself how bad I hate working on buildtak like print surfaces. Can we please get some build plates that use other materials like PEI? These are decent build plates but I’d love to have some options.

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