Touchscreen "Run Boundary": Need Stop button

Hi folks,
the boundary run is something you do to check if you might run into something. So what if? I’d really appreciate to have a big “STOP” button on the touchscreen while running the boundary which immediatly holds all movement.


This is a good idea. I guess the E-Stop would cover it, but seeing as that’s not available, a button on the screen would suffice

I support this post. Also an option to turn on the laser in super weak mode like is used for testing focus, that way we can get an Exact mark on where the boundaries and center are.

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I’m really surprised there’s no way to stop it when running the boundary. I actually had my tool head cable snag on a clamp and tear out of the socket because I couldn’t stop it. The cable had fallen out of the cable holder and I hadn’t noticed. (Fortunately I was able to bend the pins straight to use it still. A replacement is on the way.) I even have a power/kill switch wired where I can easily switch it off. It’s saved me several times from the toolhead crashing into things. But this time I was on the opposite side. If there’d been a stop on the controller that I had in my hands I could’ve easily stopped it. As it was I felt like I was watching in slow motion and screaming “Noooooo!” as it tried to destroy itself.



You know when else it needs an E-Stop on the screen?

During the laser cutting you are asked for the material thickness. After confirming this the machine jogs down to focus height. JOGS. You’d better be Dang sure you measured it correctly. And that it’s on the bed flat. And that your finger didn’t slip and slide it over a few too many ticks. It doesn’t even do me the courtesy of jogging to within like 10mm, then going slow the rest of the way. I have to unclench afterwards every single time, no matter how sure I am.


I agree 100%! I have just right now started playing with the laser, and I am wide awake now, for right the same reason! Pure Adrenaline! Also, when the machine measures bed height, it goes down too far in the beginning for my taste. What if my workpiece is very thick? Well, just beginning to understand everything…

Excellent idea that fills a pressing need (no pun intended :-))

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+1 +1 +1

I support everything mentioned on this thread.


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