X,Y calibration?

When printing the snapbox I noticed that the print isn’t centered, it is further to one side on the Y axis than it should be. It needs to be moved about 2.25 mm away from the edge.You can see in the picture that it is up against the edge on one of the sides with a large gap on the opposite side.

How can I correct this?


Which slicer Software did you use?

I would also like to know how to correct this.

Cura and snapmaker3d

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For Simplify3D you can change the offset here:


Thank you! That is an excellent workaround/fix. I will try that out when I get home.

I am still curious if snapmaker can offer a suggestion on how I could re-calibrate the machine so I don’t have to rely on making adjustments on the slicer. Maybe there is a screw or something somewhere that I just have to turn a few clicks?

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I have the same problem - would be nice if one can fix be fixed or controlled in the firmware.

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I also have come across the same problem. It was not evident before, but after having the laser module on for awhile I noticed after putting the print head back on and calibrating. The calibration points were shifted towards the back of the machine in the y-direction, and the same when printing. Can’t figure out why this is happening now? Has anyone figured out how to fix this?

Turn your machine off and on, go to the calibration menu with the display and reset the calibration.
Sometimes I have similar “Problems” when I print with the USB cable and Simplif3D when I have to stop a print Job.