X axis to small

Hi I’m i’ve got a snapmaker 2.0. A350. accordding to machine settings my x-axis should be 320 mm
on my Luban screen it is only 198 mm ( g-code).
how can i reset the x axis to 325 according the factory settings

Did you accidential check a other machine size in the start dialogue of Luban?
Under settings you could find your machine.

I’ve got. The same settings as showing in youre screendump
By the way how can i make an attachment to my posting.
I’m new to this forum.s. I can show my g-code machine settings

The forums won’t let you post attachments until you’ve made a certain number of posts. Before you reach that threshold, you can put images on dedicated hosts like imgur.com, or any type of files on dropbox or other file hosts, and link them.

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You can connect the machine with the PC via a USB cable. The try the M1999 command on the console to see if the machine can recognize all the modules correctly. You can copy the message from the console and paste it here.

I’ve done the command M1999, the engine was rebooted, the silly thing is that I can’t make a copy of the data with ctrl-C and ctrl V on my Mac it’s cmd-c and cmd V
After the rebooting the G-code says x-axis min 0.000 max 263.991 also by calibrating the bed the x- direction is no further than 263mm. Luban version 3.15.1
is there a command, so that the console writes to a file like in windows the pipe command and > then for a Mac? to solve the command C and cmd V

Please send an email tosupport@snapmaker.zendesk.com.
It is better for us to help you solve the issue.