X axis shifting to the right during the job

Hey there!

I am running some milling tests on the Snapmaker 2, and there is a huge shift in the x axis during the job.

It seems like the work origin is translated, because if I cancel it and go again to the work origin, it is far more right than I intended.

Could please somebody tell me what I could be doing wrong or has somebody else a similar problem?

Thanks in advance!

This is where I’ve set the work origin before milling.

And this is where the work origin was after I canceled the job (went to home in between and then clicked on “Go to work origin”.

The problem occurs when I start from Luban and from the touchscreen. I am on the latest firmware V1.15.12, but the problem happens also with the three versions before.

Would be great to hear if the shift to the right is something I can fix, or if its a bug in the firmware or if it’s just the general state of the world right now.

Very strange :thinking: I saw on a facebook group that with the latest firmware and the latest version of Luban some users have a similar problem with layer shifting when printing 3d.

Do you have similar shifting problems when you print something or work with a laser ?
If not, what CNC settings are you using (step down, speed)?
Maybe the milling stresses are too high and the module is losing steps when it moves to the left ?
Which version of Luban you use and which generation of linear modules ?
If you give us more information it will be easier find the cause.

Hey, thank you very much for getting in touch with me!

  1. We don’t have the laser or printer setup at the moment and unfortunately no resources to do so, it should work with the milling at the moment.
  2. I have attached a screenshot from the toolpath settings, they have been the standard. But I have also set veeeeery slow speeds with 40 mm/min, and the problem occured as well. I tried this with a simple circle and I will attach another picture showing how the second turn is about 1mm more to the right.
  3. I use the latest Luban 4.5.1
  4. Could you please tell me how to get the information about the linear modules?

I would also like to mention that the problem first occured after updating the firmware (from V1.14.1 to 1.15.12). Before that I had another problem which got solved by updating - but now this came up. So the issue of shifting to the right was not present two weeks ago. Reverting the firmware to 1.14.1 does not solve the issue.

This is all very odd!

I’m having similar issues with my Y axis 3D printing. It seems to be heat related. If I’m printing something that requires continuous long excursions, the left side actuator starts running about 10 degrees C higher than the right, 45 C to 55C on the left. It also starts producing quite a bit of noise during the process. But during the print, the things starts creeping toward the back and leaves the print looking like a deck of card sliding towards the front of the table. Once it cools down, it seems to be back to working nominally. I’ve tried to contact Snapmaker about it several times but they never get back to me. I’m also waiting for a dual extruder head I purchased with it as a package and that seems to be late March now. What’s going on with these guys?

That is exactly what is happening over here! Thank you for sharing. It starts shifting to the right after some time, once its getting warmer. I also get a “scratching” noise, when it is moving to the left of the x axis, as if there is a force pushing against the movement.

Does anybody have a suggestion what do to do in this case?

I have gotten answer from the support which should included in this thread as well.
So it seems there is not mechanical issue but something in the software?

"Thanks for reaching out to Snapmaker. I am sorry that you encountered such a problem.
Thanks for reporting this problem. This is an known issue which is currently being investigated by our engineering team. We will try to fix it as soon as possible."

There seem to have been issues with 1.15.x before 1.15.15. Since 1.15.15 these issues seem to have gone. That said, there are indeed reports of failing modules, so it can be both. If I was in your shoes, I’d test the newer firmware first :slight_smile:

Hey to all, I got an answer from Snapmaker support:

"We recently modified a known issue, which is the overall offset of home offset, involving the laser and CNC origin, which should be solved by the latest firmware pushed by the user through the upgrade.

At present, the latest version is V1.15.21. It has been pushed and can be downloaded and updated through the Internet. Users who have not purchased the dual extruder can use the V1.14.3 version. There is no such problem either."

So yesterday I put the recommended firmware on the Snapmaker and also updated Luban. Since then everything seems to work fine. I the following setup now:

Firmware: V1.14.3
Luban: 4.7.0

I have the impression that the issue has been gone with the Luban update actually… I remember I had the same firmware version installed once like the recommended one, but the issue happened there also.

Cheers and thanks,