X axis shift when connected via USB to Luban

A little background, I’ve got three different machines plugged into the same computer, Makerbot 2x replicator, FLSUN 3D cube and a A350. The FLSUN and Maker connect through USB and I use various different slicer/machine operation programs for them.

I find that whenever I have Luban connected to the A350 and I print through Luban machine controls or USB and I have the other printers going (which is literally everyday, except maybe once a month when one is down for maintenance/upgrades/modifications) I seem to get X-axis shift…when I don’t have Luban connected and print via USB only I don’t recall ever getting a layer shift.

I’m wondering if having multiple serial ports open is causing some cross communication between the different slicer/machine programs and Luban (other programs are Makerbot desktop and Repetier). My hunch is saying that it’s Repetier as the Makerbot was down last night for extruder upgrades, plus the print on the FLSUN/repetier showed a slight layer shift as well…verses the A350 which made a spaghetti mess

Either way for now I’m just going to run the A350 over USB, just something I’d point out if others have seen it or have a similar issue…maybe something the team at SnapMaker can check out, although it would be very difficult to test without having access to all the same equipment.

Are the machine and Luban are the latest firmware? If you only run Luban on the pc, will it shift as well?
Show me some shift pics. Thanks

@Wayne both the SM2 and Luban are on latest software. I haven’t tried just running the SM2 cause all machines run 24/7 currently and the other two haven’t been setup for USB printing.

Haven’t taken any pictures yet, not really a huge issue for me currently, just something I’ve noticed and wanted to let others know if they are experiencing something similar running multiple machines or running prints with the command console open.