Workspace console/ firmware update

I have read several posts where people have actually had success and been able to adjust e step settings on the artisan. This is something I have been trying to do for a few months now, and while I am able to connect by com 3 port it appears that the controller is not recognizing any commands M92 M503 etc. would also like to be able to adjust other parameters as well such as linear advance and such. I had hoped that the latest firmware update would of taken care of this but it didn’t, unfortunately what it did do is stop the preview and percent completed from appearing on the controller. just wonder if anyone is having similar issues and found fixes for these issues.

If you connect to a idle machine and enter M503 to the console, what do you get?

nothing it just repeats the command in the console window

If you try a different connection method? Now you used serial connection, right?

Yes using serial connection COM 3, I believe that is the only way that the console will work, I dont think it works over WIFI

Maybe you are right, unfortunately i have no solution for you.
Did you try with a other (serial) console like luban?

That is actually the the console I have been using, is there others?

My guessing is that Luban blocks some communication, maybe try a different console.
Maybe Cura is able to, see this guide:

okay will do thanks for your input

you can set the linear advance factor in cura.