Having trouble getting info on M503 in console

Hi, I’m using luban trough the supplied USB cable to my artisan. I tried entering M503 for the general settings in the console, but it only gives me “ok” :sweat_smile:. M104 S200 works fine so it’s comunicating right? Any idea!?

I’ve found that none of the G-codes that are supposed to return values works in the console. Definitely a bug in Luban.

TheBum is correct, it’s a bug since version 4.9.0 if I remember right.
Couple options - Support Ticket Form
Release v4.10.0-weekly-20231109 · parachvte/Luban · GitHub

Does this mean I need to enter a S value too?

No it’s only M503 needed.

Thank you @xchrisd , so now that’s out of question :stuck_out_tongue: I submitted a ticket to snapmaker as @nweolu said. I will se what they answer :slight_smile: I realy need to do some fine tuning on this machine :confused: Anybody had any luck with octoprint’s console?

I guess other terminal with serial connection would be fine. It’s Luban…